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By combining our expertise with advanced computer systems, Welling Pluimvee is able to guarantee high quality and food safety standards. And we’re proud of the fact that we have been BRCGS Food, QS and ‘Better Life Label’ certified for many years.

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The Welling Pluimvee food safety system of meets the requirements of all the control points of this globally accepted food safety standard.

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The internationally recognised QS quality label means the products of Welling Pluimvee meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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Better Life Label

This certificate applies to Welling Pluimvee’s approach to animal welfare within the meat production supply chain.

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Advanced computer systems

Welling Pluimvee works with advanced and integrated software for order management, stock management and temperature control. All products are checked and registered in our system upon arrival. The terminals on our forklifts are also connected to the system, to guarantee faultless order processing.

Our freezer warehouse also has the latest temperature-control software, which enables controlled tempering down to – 4 C°. These advanced systems are just one of the reasons why we pass the compulsory audits each year and so retain our certification.


Computer systems alone are not enough to guarantee quality. Thanks to our training and experience in butchery skills, Welling Pluimvee has a vast source of expertise at its disposal. This expertise also plays an important role in product quality control as part of our operational processes.

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