Welling Pluimvee

Welling Pluimvee is a true family business. In the 1960s, Bennie Welling senior started his chicken slaughterhouse on the site where our modern freezer warehouse now stands. Under the management of Bennie Welling junior, since the turn of the century the company has developed into an innovative import and export company in poultry meat and poultry meat products. To manage the growth in the business, his cousin Jorik Rouweler joined the company in 2017.

Quality and safety

Welling Pluimvee is specialised in high-quality chicken, turkey and duck products for poulterers, wholesalers, and food production companies. We work in line with the strictest quality, hygiene and safety requirements: which our certificates show.

We buy exclusively from certified suppliers and work with a certified stock management system and advanced temperature control software. So, you are assured of high quality and food safety with products from Welling Pluimvee.

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Excellent service tailored to your needs

We help our customers in the selection and composition of products, as well as means of delivery: fresh, frozen or temperature controlled. Our own trucks transport products to and from our freezer warehouse. We ensure our customers’ orders are delivered on-time and at the designated location. And we’re proud of the long-term relationships this approach has enabled us to build up.

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